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Lady Peanut Gets A Hamilton Ventura.

A few weeks ago we were at Bicester Village and we saw a Hamilton Ventura S with a white strap and Mother of Pearl face. P tried it on and although the price was right and it looked great on she was not to be tempted.

Today we returned and that exact model had gone. Instead they had the same one but with 9 diamonds in lieu of the batons. It was more money but this time she was smitten and O now has a black faced Ventura on a stainless bracelet and this white faced version on a white strap.

This is a very stylish and unusual Art Deco looking watch which really stands out from the crowd and suits Peanut perfectly.

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Watching Spotting Hamilton Ladies Ventura

We saw this in Bicester shopping village and Peanut tried it on. It was simply gorgeous on the wrist but Peanut could not be tempted as she already has one Ventura.

Shame really as it was lovely but the lady knows her own mind!

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Watch Collection No 25 – Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80

I wrote about this watch way back in March 2015, not long after it was announced And commented on how much I liked it. Well today I got to try it and I just loved the rubber strap version on the wrist.

The case curves around your wrist  making it wear smaller than its size and also making it a very comfortable wear. I’m feeling very happy about this wrist treat!

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Hamilton Releases New Photos Of The Ventura 80


Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Auto

Paying tribute to what would have been the King of Rock and Roll’s 80th birthday, this handsome black watch offers 80 hours of power reserve. The Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Auto breaks challenging new technical and design ground with its steeply sloped crystal and curved dial, contemporary case architecture and intricate attachment fixture. The legend lives on…


Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Quartz

Stunning contemporary case architecture, intricate design detail and an asymmetric attachment fixture are teamed with a Swiss quartz movement to make a clearly modern statement. Attached by a black leather band , the watch sits comfortably on the wrist. Just as Elvis’s fusion of country music and rhythm and blues was way ahead of its time, this unisex watch has its eye firmly fixed on the future.

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Hamilton Ventura 80 – Baselworld 2015


Hamilton watches have released a new Ventura in order to commemorate what would have been Elvis’s 80th birthday this past January 8th, 2015. The watch will be available in 4 variations: Quartz, with a stainless steel case and a choice between rubber or steel bracelet and an automatic, H-10 80 hour power reserve movement, with a black case and this time a choice between rubber or leather strap.


I already have a Hamiton Ventura automatic  as below and I simply love this watch.  I love Elvis and I love the Ventura! I know the Ventura’s are a very provocative watch, with most people either loving them or hating them, or secretly loving them but not daring enough to wear one. Lately I have been pretty content with my watch collection and the only things catching my eye are things beyond my pocket such as a Patek Phillippe Aquanaut but when I saw this I really was smitten. However, at 42,5 x 44,6 mm in size I will have to try one on as it might just be too big for me.

The one I like is the stainless steel face with stainless steel bracelet.