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Watches And Cars – Christopher Ward C70 US Cunningham

The C70 U.S. Cunningham by Christopher Ward celebrates the firstUS Grand Prix in 1923.

Tommy Milton drove his Miller 122 to victory in the 1923 Indianapolis 500, which was the first time this legendary race was considered part of the International Grand Prix series. The watch also nods to the Cunningham racing stripe which was not introduced by American, Briggs Swift Cunningham II until much later in 1951 at Le Mans, as the first ever racing stripe. U.S. Cars raced in white and the team introduced the blue stripe to distinguish their team from other U.S. Teams.

It is highly appropriate that it is sported by the C70US as the famous blue parallel lines on white ground have become synonymous with American motor racing.

The car I have paired the watch to is the Cunningham C2R from the 1951 Le Mans race, the first to sport the Cunningham stripe.

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Watches and Cars – Autodromo Stradale


A fair few of my watches are car themed. This beautiful Autodromo Stradale being one. It is a beautifully done retro car watch and the Japanese movement is just divine. Anyway I like to team watches such as this with a little model car and here I have put it with an Alfa Romeo Stradale, a lovely TSM model. Others I have done this with will follow in the next day or so.

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Wearing Today – Christopher Ward C6 Kingfisher


The original silicon strap snapped into three pieces. My Hamilton Khaki Aviation is currently sporting its white summer rubber strap, so the Hamilton strap has stepped into the breach as an emergency.

The odd thing is me and Mrs P love the Orange strap detailing against the yellow face and oddly it got a lot of positive comments at work too.

Finally, matched to the Hamilton it tends to twist on the wrist and can get uncomfortable, while the Hamilton is extremely comfortable on the white rubber strap. Meanwhile The Hamilton strap on the Kingfisher doesn’t twist and is very comfortable. I think I will stick with these combos for the Summer!