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Fraser Hart and Three Watches

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I went to Fraser Hart in Solihull earlier today and tried a few watches on. In truth I have my eye on a Breitling Aerospace Evo.  I have wanted this watch in its various version for well over 5 years. I remember vividly, seeing one on the wrist of a helicopter pilot at a heliport in the south of France. Grey faced on a black leather strap and I was literally in awe of it. I have tried it on several times over the years but never had the money to get one. I have now started saving in earnest for one. However, the latest version the Evo, has gone up in size a touch to 43mm, so I wanted to try one on again so that I would not be saving for something that turned out to disappoint on the wrist.

Today saw me in Solihull shopping with my Mum, so I took the opportunity to try it on in Fraser Hart. I also tried on, the blue faced Rolex Milgauss and an Armani grey faced chronograph.

The Breitling seen above and retailing at £3150, was all I hoped it would be and the slate grey dial, (or more correctly “Tungsten Gray” as Breitling call it) looks very classy indeed. Subtle, tasteful and a change from the er… “thunder black” dial. The titanium case and bracelet made it as light as a feather and very comfortable on. I loved it, as simple as that and so the saving continues.


Next on the wrist was the Rolex Milgauss (yours for £5800). This to my eyes is a stunning watch. Blue faced with a green sapphire crystal which subtly enhances the blue dial and reveals itself as an ever changing ring on the edge of the dial. For me this is the best juxtaposition of dress watch elegance with sporty intent, I have seen on a watch. Appropriate then for just about all occasions. Oh and it fitted on my wrist beautifully. Sadly though at that price this is a watch I can only ever dream about.


And then there was the Armani fashion watch. A quartz, mineral glassed, grey faced, grey leather strapped chronograph. A 40mm case and a suggested retail price of £179. The looks of this watch are frankly fantastic. Grey face on a grey strap works beautifully and frankly there are very few on line photos that do this watch justice. It really is a beauty and not being too big it wears elegantly on the wrist. I want one, but I must concentrate on the Aerospace fund first.

“Well Mum, which is your favourite in those three?”

” I don’t like the Breitling, it just looks dull, The Rolex is nice, but I really like the Armani – very elegant.”

So there you are, If you are a pensioner, just registering with, get yourself an Armani watch if you want to impress the ladies!


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