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Christopher Ward C70 D Type – Watch Collection No 23

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When Christopher Ward first launched his C70 range it was quite an ambitious project for them. At the time they launched it they were a smaller company and it was a set of 6 watches all limited to 500 of each version and all commemorating the first Grand Prix circuit from the six countries in the set.

C70 Brooklands – UK

C70 Ascari – Belgium

C70 Silver Arrows – Germany

C70 Cunningham – USA

C70 Grand Epreuve – France and last but not least

C70 Rosso Corsa – Italy

In truth they took a wee while to sell, they were if memory serves about £275, which many found a lot of money for a quartz watch. Some were even heavily discounted towards the end as they wanted to move on to other models. From this set I managed to get a C70 Rosso Corsa and a C70 Cunningham. All these models now trade on the second hand market for far more than their original selling price. Like many others I would like to have the whole set but they always command such a high price on the second hand market, nonethe less I keep plugging away.

Meanwhile, Christopher Ward  has added more C70s to the original six but this time around he commemorates specific famous cars, apart from the Monte carlo which celebrates the ramous rally So far in this range he has done the following:

C70 DBR (Aston Martin DBR1 1959 Le Mans Winner) offered as a 500 piece limited edition and a 100 limited edition COSC Chronometer version

C70 Monte Carlo

C70 Vanwall (Vanwall VW4 Aintree 1957 Winner) an unlimited COSC chronometer version.

C70 D type (Jaguar  D-Type 1957 Le Mans Winner) 500 limited edition run

C70 3275 GT (Ferrari 250 GTO) a limited edition  100 piece run COSC chronometer with a piece of a Ferrari GTO on the back £2150!

From these additional models I have managed to bag a C70 DBR1, a C70 Monte Carlo and now the C70 D-Type.

The Christopher Ward C70 D-Type

This is by far the most expensive C70 I have purchased. My Cunningham was a reasonably priced second hand purchase. My DBR was a bargain price nearly new from Christopher Ward and my Rosso Corsa and Monte Carlo were heavily discounted end of line purchases from Christopher Ward. Now though the brand reaches a much wider following and I suspect this latest limited edition of 500 D-types will sell out quickly and without discount. Luckily I had a loyalty voucher from Christopher Ward and that coupled with the free postage current offer meant I grabbed this latest one for £500 on a steel bracelet. All my other C70 watches are on the very attractive leather straps that Christopher Ward offer the watches on but this time I went for the steel strap, probably to differentiate it from the others as it was more than double the price of any of my previous ones!

Bottom Line

I love this watch. Frankly in the flesh and on the wrist it looks stunning. The blue is a beautiful vibrant colour, the car instrument styling of the inner dials is a delight and the steel strap is very colourful and to my eye elevates the look and feel of the watch even more. Definitely one for me to treasure, so back to trawling the net for bargain second hand versions of ones I have missed in the series.

Here is the Christopher Ward blurb on the watch. PS and yes I have bought a model of the car this watch celebrates!

Sir William Lyons of the Jaguar Car Company designed the sleek and finely streamlined D-Type entirely with Le Mans in mind, and from 1955 to 1957 he was rewarded with an historic hat-trick of victories there.

It was under the illustrious Flag Metallic Blue livery of Scotland’s Ecurie Ecosse team, however, that secured the most famous victory for the car when, driven by Britons Ron Flockhart and Ivor Bueb, chassis number XKD 606 stormed the race, ahead of another four D-Types in the top six places.

The C70 D-Type chronograph, powered by an ETA 251.272, 22 jewel quartz movement and dressed resplendently in the Ecurie Escosse team’s colours, carries the winning car’s chassis number in the tachymeter and the car’s registration on the side of the case. However, it is the attention to detail of the dial, where the D-Type’s various instruments are captured in the chrono eyes and the radiator grille has been faithfully reproduced, that best capture the spirit of this most famous of Jaguar’s racing cars. Until you look at the reverse of the case that is, where the car’s signature centre-lock spinner has been faithfully reproduced in our own signature three-dimensional deep stamped execution. Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide, this tour de force of a watch celebrates Sir William’s masterpiece in style and is certain to become the latest collector’s item in our celebrated C70 Motorsport Series.


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