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Frédérique Constant Slimline Moonphase Revisited

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When this watch first came out I was really excited about it and added it very definitely to my Wall of Want. I took a close look at the models here. I had to track one down to see it in the flesh and we did in a watch shop  underneath the Hotel Sube on the waterfront at St Tropez, and to be honest I came away underwhelmed by it in the flesh. The strap and the face of the blue model, which is the one I liked, were three shades darker than in the  promotional photograph you see above. Indeed it almost looked black and it just did not pop like it does above. And yet this watch won’t go away, it lurks in corners of my mind, talking back to me. “It was dark when you saw me, no natural light, you missed my subtlety, see me when the sun collides with the moon.”

Hmmm, the watch has class then, it gets all arty farty when it talks back to me, when the sun collides with the moon indeed! Ok, I need a second look at this watch, I need to see it in the sunlight. This is a bargain basement watch from a watch maker using their own movement, as demonstrated by their lovely video below. It demands more thought.

Here at Beastie Folly, you can see from our sister site AutoBeast that we like cars as much as we like watches, and one of the cars in our stable is a BMW MINI Coupé JCW and just like this watch we loved it at concept, we loved the launch pictures but frankly were left cold by the car on first site in the flesh. We could not get the car out of our heads though, with this real love /hate thing going on and a year later we had to have one. We have never looked back, we love the car and it is the best MINI we have ever owned by a country mile, so much more than just a car, it is a dancer on wheels, a delight every day.  I’m thinking this watch sits in similar territory, so I need to look at one again and soon. Meanwhile, join me in a look at this smooth video from Frédérique Constant.


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