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Breitling Air Race TV Commercial

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I am a confirmed Breitling fan and if money were no object then without doubt, beyond question, the next watch I would acquire would be an Aerospace Evo, so these sort of commercials are “right up my street’.

Maybe I am just a big daft fool, I don’t know, but I really do love these sort of commercials and if 70% of the cost of a Breitling watch is marketing then so be it – at least the marketing works for me. What was amusing though was that I watched this with my good wife Mrs Peanut and we actually watched the spin off  “making of” movie first, which is below. Mrs P thought we were back in the 1970s with the gratuitous adornment of the film with sexy girls pointlessly pounting and displaying lots of cleavage. Naturally I hadn’t noticed at all – too busy “clocking” the watches me lord, but after she pointed it out then, I guess Mrs P had a point. The final commercial though did tell a story which just about justified the existence of Anna and co, Mrs P conceded.  The benefit was we had to watch each video twice while we assessed the point Mrs P was trying to make.

My conclusion, I hope Anna gets to do a series for Breitling – Anna’s T*ts or Beckham’s tats? You decide!


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