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Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel Ltd Edition

Breitling have launched another limited edition blacksteel watch. This time it is the Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel.  I love this watch, I adore this watch. Two reasons. First it’s gorgeous, in a wonderful shade of black and secondly, Breitling have used the word “intersidereal” in their advertising blurb below! There are two people in the world out there who do not know what this word means, so just so that they don’t feel left out by the rest of the human space, like unloved souls clinging precariously to some long lost piece of space debris – in other words lost in intersidereal darkness, then it means “between or among constellations or stars.” Continue reading

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ChristopherWard C9JH-SRWTR-MK2

When news of this new version of Christopher Ward’s C9 Jumping Hour Mark II dropped into my mail box, I opened up the mail and instantly disliked this watch. I just did not like the mix of stainless steel case and gold bezel and I could not believe the price hike of £600 pounds from the all stainless version.

However, after spending time reading the discussions about the watch on the Christopher Ward forum and hastily posting up my negativity towards this watch, I began to have a change of heart about the watch and I bagan to really rather like it. I feel like Jeremy Clarkson reviewing a car, sending the viewer down one path and then twisting in the opposite direction at the last minute to either applaud or dismiss the car. Typically he did this with the new Jaguar recently. He loved it, he adored it, everything was good and then at the last knockings he dismissed the car due to its frankly terrible twitchy suspension. I suspect his age and height are giving him a bad back which means his reviews differ now to how they would have been twenty years ago!

Back to the Jumping Hour. First, I could not see why it was £600 more but in my haste to anger about this I did not grasp that it is solid gold and not a rose gold plating that we usually see at this price range. As soon as I realised this I understood why it was not all gold and why the price hike was so great. Secondly, I began to appreciate the unusualness of the fusion of metals and in my mind I reconciled this with the styling of the watch – an unusual look for an unusual watch – i got it and I liked it. I have done this complete change around before. Me and Lady Peanut drive a MINI Coupé. When I saw the concept I loved it but when I first saw it in the flesh at its launch I was so disappointed and really did not like it but now we in fact own one and absolutely love its styling.

So take a long look at this watch before you decide. It really is a fantastic Jumping hour at a great price and with solid gold trimming. I have a few solid gold watches from the 1960s but  the movements are a bit run of the mill. This in contrast, is a marriage of a unique movement, good enough to satisfy the train engineer in all of us, with a beautiful clean style, all elevated a notch by the addition of a talking point rose gold bezel and baton detailing.

Yes it really does get the thumbs up here at Beastie Folly. Below is a reproduction of Christopher Ward’s technical details for the watch and the promotional text from the e-mail.

16 August 2013
Christopher Ward’s Mark I version of the C9 Harrison Jumping Hour watch was a finalist in the ‘00/24 Watch World European Watch of The Year Awards 2012’ and the extraordinary JJ01 complication, created by Master Watchmaker Johannes Jahnke, has deservedly been acclaimed by many experts since its arrival in 2011. Now, the German genius has taken this beautiful watch a golden step further. Continue reading