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Thomas Russell Gold Wath – Watch Collection No 4

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The Treasured Watch
Thomas Russell Gold Watch
This was my Dad’s Gold watch and it is made by Thomas Russell and it dates back to 1956.  It came to me when I was 26 after my Dad passed away and i wore it regularly in my late twenties. Now I wear it as a dress watch as I do my Uncle Henry’s watch. Thomas Russell was one of the great names of 19th century watch making – though surprisingly little is known about him outside Liverpool. He was, along with Joseph Sewill, at the forefront of the Lancashire watch and clock industry. Thomas Russell, created fine timepieces and received royal patronage from Queen Victoria, though he was more famous for his pocket watches and  suffered when watches changed to wrist watches. Nonetheless, this is a fine gold watch from a respected watch maker. Without doubt it is my most cherished watch, albeit not my most expensive.
Thomas Russell Gold Watch
As my watch journey continues another watch maker has come to my attention – Christopher Ward of London. Christopher Ward makes high quality quartz and automatic watches selling them directly on the internet. He himself comes from Prescott near Liverpool and so was first inspired by Thomas Russell and his first watch was a homage to Thomas Russell – The C1 Russell which has a similar face to a Russell pocket watch. Other watches in the Christopher Ward stable are The C3 Malvern Chronograph, The C5 Automatic and The C5 Malvern Aviator and more recently, a C7 Rapide and C8 Big Pilot. Malvern is my home town, A Thomas Russell was my Dad’s watch – surely it was fate that I should have a Christopher Ward watch in my collection.

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