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Hamilton Khaki Air Race – Watch Collection No 18

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The GMT Watch

I first saw the Hamilton brand in 2007 at Nice airport while waiting to fly back to England. The watch that caught my eye was the Hamilton Khaki Air Race GMT on a black rubber strap with orange stitching that matched the orange numbers on the black faced dial. The watch was water resistant to 200 metres and came with a decent automatic movement which you could view through the back. It fitted my wrist a treat and was indeed a very tempting watch. When I returned to England I began to look at Hamilton’s in earnest and quickly visited their web site  In the end this resulted in us buying His and Hers Hamilton Venturas and you can read about that here.

The Khaki Air Race GMT never left my mind but the right opportunity never came along, the price kept creeping up and then Hamilton revamped the watch with a new face, which in truth, I did not like as much as the original. It looked like this watch had slipped through the net and perhaps it was not meant to be.

I have half a dozen watches in the collection from the Christopher Ward stable and a consequence of this is that I enjoy a mooch about on an independent forum dedicated to Christopher Ward watches. I know of at least three regulars on this forum who have this Hamilton watch and every now and then they would post pictures of their pride and joy, which would torment me no end. Inevitably I would post on the thread telling the tale of first seeing the watch in Nice Airport and that if ever they wanted to sell to let me know…

Well last week My Name is Pete on the forum did just that and so I mailed him straight back asking him how much he wanted for the watch. This is where it gets interesting. Pete is aware of my battle with the Big C through this blog and also because I have mentioned it on the Christopher Ward Forum and indeed he has suffered a very personal loss at the hands of cancer himself, when he lost his wife last year through brain cancer. He went on to suggest not a price but that I make a donation to a cancer charity and he will send me the watch!

I was bowled over by this wonderful idea and immediately put my thinking cap on. I donate every month to Cancer Research already, so after a little think I suggested to Pete that if I donate over the next three months I can actually donate more than by making one larger donation. The deed was done and now I am the proud owner of a watch I have wanted for the last 5 years!

I cannot thank Pete enough for this. Not only have I got a dream watch, but all of the cost has gone to a great cause, personal to both myself and Pete. The charity almost certainly has more money than if Pete had sold it on eBay and donated the money, but more than that, I like to think that Pete knows that the watch has gone to a good home and to a bloke who will know the real value and meaning of this watch every time he uses it to check the time.

I love this watch, I have hankered after it for a very long time, but I cannot explain to you just how much Pete’s kindness has made this watch extra special to me!


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