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Chopard Mille Miglia XL GT Power Control – Watch Collection No 12

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The Automobilia Watch
Chopard Mille Miglia XL GT Power Control
We had decided to have a driving holiday in Europe touring Italy and an easy way to plan the route is to follow the routeof the famous Mille Miglia road race that ran from 1927 to 1957 and which has been revived as a classic car event. Chopard sponsor the event and commemorate the fact by producing their Mille Miglia range of watches.

This is quoted from Chopard’s web site, “Passion,performance, precision: these are just a few of the striking similarities between automotive engineering and mechanical watchmaking.The Mille Miglia collection links these two worlds and perfectly represents the spirit of la corsa più bella del mondo….”

Chopard Mille Miglia XL GT Power Control

Chopard has been actively supporting the Mille Miglia as a main sponsor andofficial timekeeper since 1988. This longstanding partnership has given rise to a collection of precision sports watches reflecting this unparalleled passion and performance”. After spending a few months listening to me practising “Showpar” and “mee-lay meel-yah” my lovely wife could take no more and  bought me this watch on Valentines Day!

It is a lovely watch, powered by the Valgranges movement, which by the way is the noisiest, loudest movement I have ever encountered but hearing it grunt and groan makes the watch seem alive on

my wrist. Check out this link to ETA’s page on the Valgrange. Now I was fully equipped to trace the route of the Mille Miglia. Unfortunately, my battle with the Big C – Life Blog – got in the way of the road trip so me and the watch wait for another chance!

Chopard Mille Miglia XL GT Power Control

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